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u-wot-tom8-deactivated20140803 asked: Nessssq i miss u!!



Me tooooooooooooo tsubaskiii :’( *hugs* 

Dat deactivated tumblr thou ;p HAI AGAIN NESQ

Hiiiiii Miss u all :’) 

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u-wot-tom8-deactivated20140803 asked: Nessssq i miss u!!

Me tooooooooooooo tsubaskiii :’( *hugs* 

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i know this isnt the picture u sent me but i really like this screenshot of yours >.< im sorry T_T, im stubborn XD like what i did with kyuumei-kr, that wasnt her request but i dug up her tumblr anyway just to find the picture i liked the most W_W

but i can do more if u want XD


THANK YOU SO MUCH this is absolutely stunning!!!!! TY,TY,TY!! :D And it’s fine I really love it :o I’m speechless ty so much dear! 

you can do more if you want :p I won’t say no :DDD 


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Little Hello! 

let’s go back in 2010 with the old interface, when Besh was really hard and when Isbariya was f*cking hard! I didn’t have any eternal on me D= Miss that period it was so focking awesome :) 

*go do something else, see ya all, hope u’re all okay :D* 

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dazetopia asked: Hello, excuse me as a cleric like you I wanted to know if it's possible to get the Catalamize cloth instead of the EB mythic ? (Bastion) ^^ at least you found out that we(clerics) only can get the Bastion one :x...

Hello, Unfortunately you can’t get the Catalamize (IS) one coz’ the box only give you chains :/ but you can wear the Sauro mythic cloth parts in addition to the EB mythic. To my knowledge there are only these two in mythic you can wear. hope it’ll help! :) 

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Hello! :) 

It’s a hard post I’m gonna make here, I don’t really like that and never know what to say or whatever maybe people don’t care and stuff… 

But I didn’t post lately and I think I will not post anymore, I quit Aion I don’t like the goodbye things coz’ some people just say goodbye and come back the other week… but I’m sure that is really over for me; I talked to lilith and my boyfriend and it make me realize that playing will not bring you what u want in life…so I decided to move on. I enjoyed the time pass on that game, the best part will stay when I joined NA and met some incredible people who were truely kind to me (I swear EU people sucks compare to you all NA people)

I never thought I could talk to people in English and make me understand and have fun, like really have fun with people, make true friends, I met people from all around the world, I could exchange with them etc… I wanted to thanks a lot lilith you pushed us to come on NA server, to be a real friend to me, always be there for me, always supported me when I wasn’t ok, I am lucky to meet you at the first place, I’ll never thank you enough for your friendship (I can’t wait to see you RL I’m waiting you girl :3) 

I wanted to thanks tsubaski for talk to me in the first place, to learn me how to do the EB 6 men without being piss or whatever! To Xai too who stay always cool and no matter what :p Emptyshots I’LL GIVE YOU NESQUIICK JUST COME TO FRANCE! Cuni (:p) you’ll always be a peasant even with a fucking palace!!! peasant forever!! 

Meshire thank to be so lovely and make me blushed everytime you said things nice to me (I kept all the screenshot girl I love you too <3), thank you to all the “hate all the things” for being so kind! I really really enjoyed playing with you, you’re all lovely cunts! :p 

a last word for lolikita don’t let anyone bring you down, ur so kind you deserve to be happy, you will :) 

Sorry guys for all the flood maybe some of you will not care but it was important to me to say that… I’ll never forget all of you tumblr people, u were amzing with me and u were my shelter when I had my problem on my former server. 

If anyone needs my characters sliders asmodian or elyos just tell me, It will be a pleasure to share it to you :) Sorry again for this big big post don’t read it entirely if ur bored or skip it hahah (I’ll maybe come around sometimes so :p I won’t be gone forever :p) 

Thank you, thank you! See you all! :D and for once, untouch screenchot :p 

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Full Unicorn SW Skin = Done! 

I added some gif snow, coz’ Pernon was snowy, it was the occasion to try :D 


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I am now full EB Mythic Cloth!! :D I wanted a dps cloth set to put my skin on it and that is done! A really really big thank you to my Boyfriend Izae (ye the one on the last screen who is amaze with the snow :p) to let me all his part or negociate the part for me to the other cloth in the ally! <3 so cute <3 *kiss him hard :p* (ty to lilith also to let me part too <3 ur so kind!! :))) I work hard on EB too to have it anyway :ooo >.< 

Still need to make my staff :DD 

Sorry :x just sharing the happiness :o 

Oh and run after…. IZAE GOT HIS FOCKING ORB O.O DAFOCK :o 

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I’ll never surrender

UIIIIIIIIIII, Finally got the uni staff!! I love it! love the effect, love the pink, love love love :o 

My pve cloth set almost complete =D