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Héhé :D no big deal with this SS, no hair making, etc… just wanted to put my favorite skins of the moment :o 

I put the lingerie in ‘Indian Pink’, and I got the IO mythic harp with my SW. :o I just didn’t want that, I only want the skin of the gear D= (got the shoes tho it’s all alright! :p) Put the IO bard skin on white :o so tadaaaaaa! Oh and yes unicorn SW skin almost complete I still need the spaulders (working on it héhé :p) 

I’m working atm for a new staff skin :D will have it in about 7 days :o can’t wait! 

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"Don’t think you are, know you are."
"On n’est pas le meilleur quand on le croit, mais quand on le sait."

2 years ago, we duo’d rentus, kinda messy but was our first try o// good memories, oh and no fur on our back :ooo ^^ (ye Elyos ._.)

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Still trying to improve my hair making, I have a lot of work to make it good but I won’t give up :D 

This gothic Dress is kinda pretty also. (I know I make my char looks like an ely but shes an asmooo)

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Izae and me finally got the first part of our pvp set! That’s why …SS time! Was a little bit messy coz’ Izae didn’t want to respect my authoritah (:D huehue) 

These skins are so cool O.O 

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Entrance to the Hall of Fame 

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Got the EB Mace o.O, was unexpected annnnd I was convinced I will not win and o// !

Ty I-am-vegan  to pm us everytime to come with you :D I know now how to handle every path of The Eternal Bastion as a cleric *aoe heal, aoe heal* (I need mooore aoe healllllls!)

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still try to improve the hair making…. anyway unicorn skin.. <3